Recoll release history

Major Recoll releases at a glance: a summary of the major releases and the main features which came with them.

Release 1.37

  • Restructured text tokenizer, easing the integration of external modules.

  • Support using Jieba to tokenize Chinese text.

  • GUI: preview uses either webkit or webengine instead of a QTextBrowser

  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

Release 1.36

  • Full support for external indexers adding data to a Recoll index from a separate script.

  • Case-insensitive main configuration file parameter names.

  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

Release 1.35

  • Change librecoll library installation location for better sharing, esp. with the KDE modules.

  • Multiple small enhancements and fixes.

Release 1.34

  • Option for automatic expansion of probably misspelled queries.

  • Other small improvements, esp. for processing audio files.

Release 1.33

  • Miscellaneous small improvements.

Release 1.32

  • GUI: new side pane for quick filtering on dates or directories.

  • Windows: real time indexing.

Release 1.31: small fixes

  • Was released as 1.31 only because of the new "issub:" query language feature, else it’s only bug fixes…​

Release 1.30: indexing diagnostics

  • New tools to check that things are indexed or why they are not.

  • Miscellaneous GUI improvements.

Release 1.29: GUI shortcuts editor

  • Will help with discovering shortcuts (and of course changing them).

Release 1.28: GUI configurability

  • Allow selectively hiding most GUI elements, ultimately only keeping the search entry and result areas.

  • Reorganized menus.

Release 1.27: small improvements

  • Support external word splitters, allowing more language-sensitive term extraction for Korean.

  • Windows: Python extension now available, thanks to the MSVC build (forced by the MSVC-built official Python distribution).

Release 1.26: small improvements

  • Windows: use aspell for spelling suggestions, index Outlook .pst files, and interface with the task scheduler to schedule batch indexing.

Release 1.25: Python3

  • All Python scripts now use Python3 by default. They are still supposedly compatible with Python2.

  • Reworked simple search entry area, with new completion popup.

  • Windows: the installation now includes an embedded Python3, no need for a separate Python installation.

Release 1.24: Xapian 1.4 support

  • Will work with any Xapian 1.2 or 1.4 version, but was necessitated by changes in Xapian 1.4.

  • Stores the document plain texts as part of the index. The storage space needed increases by around 10-20%, but it was necessary for generating snippets with the new Xapian.

  • New snippets generator, which produces more readable snippets in general, with preserved character case and punctuation.

  • Partial real-time indexing: it is now possible to specify that only part of a file tree will be monitored for changes. This should mostly alleviate the need to have separate indexes for the batch and real-time data. See the monitordirs configuration variable documentation.

  • Executing recollindex while a real time indexer is running triggers a batch incremental pass.

  • All document type handlers are now compatible with Python3 (but still use Python2).

  • Option to have clickable === links inside the preview window (and generate them for plain text).

Release 1.23: C++11.

Do not use 1.23.5 and earlier with Xapian 1.4.

  • Replace a bunch of locally grown hacks with c11 standard features, esp. std::thread, std::mutex etc. As c11 support is now mandatory, get rid of compatibility code (e.g. switches to use c++11 smart pointers or the local version).

  • Convert the logging facility to use c++ streams instead of stdio.

  • Allow execm input handlers to set arbitrary data fields. Previously, the only way for handlers to provide metadata was through HTML meta fields.

  • fn and cfn queryaliases enabled by default.

Release 1.22: Windows port

Do not use with Xapian 1.4.

  • A new autotools-based build system replaces the old mostly homegrown one for Unix-like platforms.

  • Recoll was ported to Windows, where the build is based on MinGW and Qt Creator.

  • New synonyms expansion feature.

Release 1.21: new query parser.

Do not use with Xapian 1.4.

  • A Bison-based query parser replaces the old regexp-based one and allows parenthized sub-expressions and easier future expansions.

  • Avoid retrying to index previously indexed files if nothing seems to have changed in the filters.

  • Allow saving queries to files and reload them later. Available both for simple and advanced queries, and based on XML files.

  • Improve indexing speed by always using vfork() for spawning external commands.

  • GUI gets "close to system tray" function.

Release 1.20: small improvements

  • Open With results list popup menu entry.

  • fieldname:term1,term2 and fieldname:term1/term2 shortcuts for AND/OR searches inside fields.

  • Query fragments tool.

  • Better handling of compound terms like mail addresses.

  • Selection on source collection type (Web history / File system).

  • Configurable GUI geometry.

  • Different handling of container file / subdocuments file name searches.

  • Simultaneous -e -i options to recollindex.

Release 1.19: multithreads indexing

  • Better indexing performance through multithreading.

  • Display list of subdocuments (e.g. attachments) for a given result.

  • Collapsed duplicate results display === link.

  • Path translation facility (for portable indexes).

  • Caches last uncompressed file (e.g. for fast compressed mbox access).

  • Partial recursive reindex option to command line indexer.

  • Can import tags from external application.

  • Extended attributes indexing is on by default.

  • New Python interface for data access. API re-modeled against newer Python Database API 2.0.

  • Shared

Release 1.18: case and diacritics sensitivity

  • Optional index configuration for case and diacritics sensitivity.

  • Advanced search history.

  • Page-level access when opening PDFs, and snippets window.

  • Use Xapian Synonyms tables for query expansion.

Release 1.17: small improvements

  • Language-dependant unaccenting.

  • GUI dialogs for indexing schedule setup.

  • Phrase-based _dir:</i> filtering, accepting path fragments. Size filtering.

  • Python module default install and Unity Lens.

  • Result list switched to WebKit: drops qt3 support.

  • Indexing always performed by separate process.

  • Dynamic category filters (defined as language fragments).

Release 1.16: small improvements

  • Images displayed in preview window.

  • Save to file popup in preview.

  • Fields in advanced search.

  • Searches anchored to beginning or end of text.

  • Saving the result table to CSV.

  • Improved indentation in preview window.

Release 1.15: results table

  • Optional spreadsheet presentation of results.

  • Clear search history.

  • Better thunderbird mbox format handling.