Release notes for Recoll 1.16.x


Installing over an older version: 1.16 is mostly compatible with 1.15 indexes, except for a few differences for weird terms containing punctuation signs. Perform a full index pass if installing over an older version. The simplest way to do this is to quit all recoll programs and just delete the index directory (rm -rf ~/.recoll/xapiandb), then start recoll or recollindex. recollindex -z will do the same in most cases.

Also, using the anchored search feature requires a full reindex.

1.16.2: this is a bug fix release, (see the fixed bugs document), with a few limited changes:

The 1.16.0 GUI can be crashed quite easily, please just upgrade to 1.16.1 or later.


Recoll 1.16 is an incremental improvements release over 1.15, no major function was introduced or modified.