Installing over an older version and other notes

Ubuntu commands installed as snap packages can’t create arbitrary files under /tmp. This is for example the case by default for pdftk which is used by Recoll to extract PDF attachments. For best results, set TMPDIR to a location which belongs to you (e.g. inside your home, with something like export TMPDIR=~/tmp in your shell startup script). Recoll could conceivably work around the problem all by itself, but I find it in bad taste to create temporary files in an arbitrary location inside your home.

1.20-32 indexes are fully backward compatible. No need to reindex when upgrading.

Always reset the index if you do not know by which version it was created (e.g.: you’re not sure it’s at least 1.18). The best method is to quit all Recoll programs and delete the index directory (rm -rf ~/.recoll/xapiandb), then start recoll or recollindex.

recollindex -z will do the same in most, but not all, cases. It’s better to use the rm method, which will also ensure that no debris from older releases remain (e.g.: old stemming files which are not used any more).

On Windows, the index is located by default in C:/Users/[me]/AppData/Local/Recoll/xapiandb

Case/diacritics sensitivity is off by default. It can be turned on only by editing recoll.conf ( see the manual). If you do so, you must then reset the index.

Changes in Recoll 1.32

  • GUI: added a collapsible side pane for quick filtering on dates or directories.

  • Windows: real time indexing.

  • Showing duplicates now uses a spreadsheet like the result table for easy access to the duplicate files.

  • Fixed the temporary copy open dialog (again!).

  • The default mimeview and mimeconf configuration files were separated into generic and system-specific parts to avoid update errors (no consequences for users).

  • Renamed all Python input handler with a .py extension. This is relied on on Windows rather than listing an explicit python interpreter.

  • Added %l specification to viewer definitions for opening at a specific line.

  • Misc small bug fixes.

Minor releases at a glance

  • 1.32.9

    • Windows GUI: fix directory tree side filter, the generated paths were wrong on Windows.

  • 1.32.8

    • PDF: fix encoding issue when extracting attachments.

    • recollq: add command line option to extract a result document into file.

    • GUI result list: improve paging behaviour with webkit (still a bit wrong with webengine, see QTBUG-105842)

    • GUI: fix document icon display issue under Linux/Webengine.

  • 1.32.7

    • KIO: fixed for recent KDE KF5 releases (5.96).

    • rclaudio: fix extracting comment fields from flac files.

    • Python code preview: get rid of spurious encoding value output.

    • Fix glitch in Qt GUI when between list and table display.

  • 1.32.5

    • GUI: Switch the Debian/Ubuntu packages to using Qt-Webengine instead of Qt-Webkit. Qt-Webkit has major CSS issues.

    • GUI: improve font size consistency when the interface is scaled.

    • Allow displaying line numbers in recollq and snuppets.

    • PDF handler: fix opening attachments (the path needs decoding).

  • 1.32.4

    • Try to improve font size consistency by using px sizes everywhere.

    • Fix Increase/Decrease font size menu options.

    • Allow displaying line numbers in snippets.

  • 1.32.3

    • Fix an issue affecting opening Org files in particular: when %F was specified in the command line to open the parent document, a temporary file was created instead of opening the original file.

  • 1.32.2

    • Restore result list popup menu function when using webengine. This was broken in 1.32.1. Note: this was only a problem when building with the non-default --enable-webengine option. No need to update for building with Qt Webkit.

    • Show progress dialog when result list abstracts generation takes too long.

  • 1.32.1

    • GUI side panel filters: make sure the filter is applied even if set before the query.

    • GUI side panel directory filter: compute the tree from the index, not the file system, to allow filtering data from external indexes. Update the tree when an indexing completes.

    • Implement whole UI scaling factor (fonts only, no icons).

    • Orgmode: add orgmodesubdocs configuration variable to decide if we index whole files or create subdocuments for nodes. Also index text before the first heading.

    • GUI: fix path translation for importing an index from Windows.

    • Windows: fix RECOLL_EXTRA_DBS support.